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As a small firm servicing a range of client needs, Meador & Engle has developed a variety of capabilities within the general areas of Business Law, Intellectual Property, and Litigation. Below is a representative, but by no means exhaustive,  sample of the sort of engagements for which we are we are retained.


Patent litigation is different. The substantive law and procedural rules are unique, the facts are often complex, and the technology can be difficult. There is even a specialized court with exclusive jurisdiction over patent appeals, the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. That's why patent cases tend to be the most expensive form of civil litigation. The issue is compounded because patent litigation is often the exclusive domain of large law firms with high hourly rates and steep minimum hour requirements for attorneys and staff.

At Meador & Engle we have deep knowledge of patent law and the unique challenges of patent litigation. As a result, we can provide strategic but efficient representation at much lower overall cost than our competitors, so the decision to settle or go to trial will be based on the merits of the case rather than mounting legal fees.

IP AND BUSINESS litigation

In addition to patents, Meador & Engle represents clients in a range of other litigation matters, often involving high technology. We have filed and defended trademark, copyright, trade secret, contract, unfair competition, and employment cases. We handle matters in state and federal courts and in arbitration. We have also represented clients on appeals in cases initially handled by other attorneys. In short, we've been there and done that and we can help guide you through the process.

mergers and investments

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are knowledgeable about the particulars of operations and financing. We’ve helped guide corporations with a balance of legal, business, operational, and financial strategies that had clear execution and resolved complex legal problems. We've also helped our clients negotiate merger agreements and conduct due diligence and IP audits.

 Business formation and investment

Planning on starting a business or looking for investors for an existing business? Meador & Engle can provide advice and counsel on corporate form and structure, operating agreements, articles of incorporation, ownership issues, corporate governance, and compliance with securities regulations.

Need to assess and negotiate investment proposals or issue stock options? Corporate documents drafted by Ross Meador has been used as a template for operating agreements sold by third-parties. He has represented hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and businesses and can help you implement your organization's vision.


IP analysis and strategy

Need to assess your own or a competitor's patent portfolio? Want to understand the state of the prior art or the existing patent landscape in a technology area? Require a detailed opinion regarding the validity or infringement of patent or other IP rights? Meador & Engle can help.

We are not afraid to get into the weeds in most areas of science and technology, from computer hardware and software, to biotech, to industrial turbines, we will go as deep as the matter calls for. We will work with you and your team to truly understand your technology and help you make informed legal and strategic decisions.


We’ve helped engineers, inventors, gaming startups, and entrepreneurs develop, license, sell, and maintain ownership over their creations. We’ve also negotiated purchasing and partnership agreements for larger investment companies. Whether you run an eCommerce website, a restaurant chain, a software company, or a data center, we can help negotiate and draft contracts to protect and monetize your intellectual property and minimize legal liability and risk.

patent and trademark procurement

In addition to litigation, Alan Engle is a registered patent attorney and does patent and trademark preparation and prosecution. His litigation experience informs his efforts in filing, prosecuting, and licensing patents and trademarks. He knows how IP rights are asserted and defended in the real world and is focused on his client's strategic goals and not just securing a patent or trademark that may not withstand the scrutiny of an adversarial proceeding.

Alan has seen many patent and trademark applications from large law firms that cost a lot but do not ultimately advance the client's objectives. Depending on the technology and the depth of prior art investigation and analysis, Alan is typically able to draft and file "simple" utility patent applications for as low as $4,600. 


software and internet law

As part of our technology-focused practice, Meador & Engle provides advice and counsel for a number of software and internet companies. We regularly draft or respond to copyright and trademark notices, draft terms of service and privacy policies, have handled domain name disputes, and have quietly represented high-profile individuals in online defamation matters. If your business has a substantial online presence, we can help you navigate the sometimes chaotic landscape of internet law.

cease & desist letters

We often help clients assess and respond to patent, trademark, and copyright cease & desist letters. We know the legal and practical issues cold and can "read between the lines" and help formulate an effective response strategy. That can mean changing a product name or design or filing an action in state or federal court or with the Patent and Trademark Office. Sometimes we even advise clients to take the "budget" approach and simply ignore the letter.